Best Methods For SEO

Best SEO MethodsWhite Hat and Black Hat SEO, Learn to Differentiate

To put it in simple terms, “white hat” SEO centers around methods and strategies that are considered acceptable by search engines. On the other end of the spectrum”black hat” SEO, utilizes techniques that may break certain search engines’ policies. Regardless many people tend to prefer the use of black hat methods because they help you rank fast and take much less effort.

The amount of effort you put into SEO is extremely correlated with your results in the long run.

There was a time when black hat tricks would stick. What you must understand is that search engine spiders are now considerably more sophisticated. As time has past many new updates have been made to the way these spiders crawl a site. Although using black hat techniques to get a sudden boost in your serp rankings still works, it will definitely not last. If you want to have a website that ranks for longer than a couple weeks possibly even just days, then you best use white hat tricks that will allow your site to rank for years to come. Totally allowing you to avoid any type of penalties associated with black hat SEO and helping you build a trustworthy site.
Wonder how you will do so?


There is a belief that stuffing and spamming meta tags can help you rank higher in search engines. Not surprisingly this is untrue and once again though it may have been the case at one point in time, this will surely result in your site losing rank. The common belief holds that if a site uses many keywords  relevant to their site instead of focusing on a few it will cover more ground and rank faster. This would mean if your site was about food you might target word such as: food, best food, food recipes, top food, foody, food site, food web, etc, etc, etc. This would be the same exact way you would carry out writing your meta description(broken sentences full of keywords).

The White Hat Way
The best way to make sure you will rank for the best terms possible is research. You don’t need to be ranking for every term possible. If you do some research you will notice what works and what doesn’t. From here you choose a small group of keywords that suits your site best and write a short description with those focus keywords.


Ever wonder how you get search results that don’t contain any of the keywords you search for on-page?

The truth is that they actually are there. There is many ways to hide this content. The simplest way is perhaps using a white backdrop to mask a bunch of white text written all over it. This of course is the black hat way of writing content. It is a very sneaky way of getting a lot of keywords into a web pages content.

The White Hat Way
You will quickly notice a pattern in the white hat way to do SEO. As long as you have research your desired keywords creating content should be easy. Most of your content will center around a small group of keywords and will be easy to come by. If you are writing about “The Best SEO Techniques” then you will probably use that as a title and follow with “A list of the best techniques in search engine optimization”. As you can see strongly relevant content will always carry more weight .


When it comes to black hat methods one of the most widely used methods is link trading. A big group of sites will exchange links in order to boost their backlinks. This is all taken into account by search engines when it comes time to determine the rank a site gets. After the all the sites have been crawled it will be found that all of the sties are linking to each other and that the links are of cheap quality.

The whole point of this exercise is to increase the amount of links your site has. If a site has a lot of links it appears to be important but if its found out that all the sites that link to your site are also all linking to one another, then none of the sites are considered important. Another problem is that these sites probably have more thousands of links that have been acquired from link exchanging. This makes these sites look spammy and now you are linking to a spammy site.

The White Hat Way
It is probably already known but the most tried and true way to get a quality link comes from guest posts on a blog site. If you can provide a blog with quality content then they will gladly link back to your site. In this method you are not required to link to any other site. You receive a link in exchange for an article.
Of course if you are not willing to reach out to blog owners or webmaster, you need not worry. If you have a blog on your site there is plenty of other websites looking to find good websites to link to. If you just focus on creating top quality content for your own site you will sooner than later end up being linked to.


If you yourself don’t intend on doing SEO, you always have the option to hire someone else to do it. The trick to this is knowing what you are looking for ahead of time. This guide is a perfect tool to pick the right SEO specialist or Agency. It should come without saying but you most likely want to avoid sites like fiverr in your search for good search engine optimization. When looking for the best SEO services you should avoid looking on the low end as most of these are going to be using black hat seo. Another thing that could ruin your site is automation tools and link building tools. These might seem an inexpensive way to get what you are looking for but by no means are they the way to go.

The White Hat Way
When you yourself have little knowledge of how to do SEO, at the very least having some background knowledge such as this site can help you assess who is the right fit to handle your SEO campaign. Before blindly paying someone handle you sites optimization, shop around. Ask different freelancers for their rates or better yet look for digital marketing agencies that offer free consultations.
We personally talked to many  people claiming to be experts in the field and realized that pricing can range from a couple of dollars to incredibly high monthly payments in the thousands(we are talking up to 6 figures a month). We managed to get a hold of an agency called EclatSEO that works out of the greater Los Angeles area, that specializes in El Monte SEO as well as digital marketing and website design. After visiting their site we manged to get a free website analysis and within 24 hours received a complimentary phone call. To our surprise not once did they try to pressure us into buying any of their services but did answer many of our questions. We had done our research yet we were astonished at their honesty.

Always Choose White Hat SEO

We hope you have a far better understanding of search engine optimization as a whole and also hope you choose to focus on what works. If you focus on these simple things you can accomplish alot the more you learn about meta, content and links. There will always be new methods and the amount of bad ones seems to increase daily. It might be tempting but just know that in the long run you are far better of sticking to what has been proven to work. If you dont know what that is, do what we did get in touch with internet marketers and ask some questions. If you don’t intend on doing your own sites search optimization you will still benefit from contacting multiple marketers and marketing agencies before deciding to work with them. Things might not always go your way and your site might not rank as fast as you want it to. Just remember that it will all work out as long as you use tips, tricks, strategies, methods, and techniques that are white hat.