ARG and Film MakretingViral Film Marketing and Reality 

Unless you’re a fan of a franchise you might not be moved to go watch a movie that randomly 
appeared in theaters. But then again you might just be trying to see what the hype is all about 
with superhero movies because your friends are hype machines. If it’s not by word of mouth 
there’s always some type of advertising or marketing that sways people to go and watch movies. 
Apart from superhero movies being borderline inspirational for people to change their lives, 
marketing makes the biggest influence in swaying people to movie theaters. If nobody saw any 
advertisements or movie propaganda then nobody would know that it exists. Die-hard fans of 
superhero movies make it seem as if movies have such great powers but what makes a success 
is the immersive nature of their stories. People become die-hard fans with the blink of an eye if 
they connect to film. In today’s industry, it is crucial to create engaging content because there 
is so many movies all the time that it’s hard to make anything memorable. This is known as Viral 
Marketing. Some films use a form of viral marketing known as Alternate Reality Games to invite 
fans and potential fans to become immersed in whichever film it is. Alternate Reality Games a 
form of viral marketing that combines real-world and online experiences to tell a story and get 
people interestedUltimately this drives up the momentum and sales of films that use it. 
Viral Marketing Superhero Movies 
Engaging the audience in real life and before the movie is released to reveal protagonists and 
 build up hype makes content and engagement contagious as if people were infected. For most 
consumers, enjoyable and infective content is content that feels natural to them and gives them 
a chance to immerse themselves. The most successful example of an ARG is The Dark Knight 
(2008). The die-hard fans and bandwagon fans of batman suddenly became one as they became 
involved in the world of the film.  
I remember as a kid thinking there was so much hype around the Dark Knight and I didn’t even 
know about this ARG because it was mostly based in Chicago and New York. If you watched the 
news you would have come across this news that would catch your eye just because you would 
suddenly be in an alternate universe. You’d be watching TV and suddenly there’s news of the 
Joker taking over New York City. It’s mindboggling to think you’d ever be part of Gotham city. It 
started with websites, texts, emails, newspapers, phone calls, events in downtown areas, and 
other things in the real world. Die-hard fans and new fans worked with each other to find clues 
that work towards something that fans believe to be part of the movie. In reality, you can watch 
the movie and still find it to be a great film, but I’m sure it makes it a whole lot more satisfying 
to solve challenges that seem to work towards the film’s debut.  
ARG and Viral Marketing for Other Genres 
But wait a minute, isn’t this type of marketing only useful for superhero movies? Well it plays a 
big part in the turn out but in theory it can work for any movie, you just need to be creative 
about it. The odds are high against viral marketing in other genres but it might just be worth it 
to be the first one that does it. From the genre of thriller or horror, Cloverfield (2008) for one 
 used websites explaining how things that actually happened in real life about spies and whatnot 
Essentially the marketing team behind the movie had blog posts that were updated as time 
went by leading up to the film’s release. This in turn hyped up the film’s release. Fun fact, the 
protagonist of Cloverfield was actually a marketer. Besides thriller, horror and action type 
movies, romance and comedy movies can benefit from ARGs as well. The practical thing about 
romances is that you would go on dates so the possibilities are endless in terms of dropping 
clues all across more populated cities where it is more likely that people will become involved. 
Comedy movies could introduce similar types of real world experiences like any other movie 
can. The only thing separating movies in the level of hype is how involved any potential fan 
might be. 
The key is to create immersive content on multiple social media outlets. Whether it’s a hero 
movie or a movie about love, ARGs have the potential of making communities. With the not so 
new launch of live video through Instagram and Facebook and other social media developments 
there’s no telling how extensive an ARG viral marketing campaign will reach. 

What’s Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing frequently goes hand in hand with social marketing which also goes by many different names such as media marketing and content marketing. This isn’t to say that they are the same thing. Not exactly the same anyway.Most influencer efforts involve some kind of social media element influencers are likely to spread the word through any type of medium that gets the message across to there fan base. Many influencer efforts additionally carry a content component such as either you or the influencer will construct content, it all depends whether you are paying them to promote and distribute or only to distribute as you create your own content. Although this may sound the same as social media marketing or content marketing it is not the same. At the very basic level it does not have to be.

Influencer Marketing requires that a individual with the ability to reach a large fan base, a highly target audience at that, spreads word of you business, product, brand or whatever it is that you want them to spread. The difference between this and other types of marketing is that they do not run on highly influential people. So, just about all influencer marketing contains word of mouth promotion actions by its nature, although not all word of mouth advertising is driven by influencer efforts.

This also is not the same as promoting through regular referral or internal influencing. This requires that you go outside of your current brand following and get someone that has a group of individuals that may or may not be aware of your product to see your product in a different light. Your product might have many uses or have a very specific purpose or function. The influencer simply has to promote the product not leave a review or explain there reasoning behind using it. They can get there followers to consider your product and that is what you are trying to achieve.

With influencer marketing, you focused on locating influencers—not always present customers—to propagate your message. Another differentiating factor between supporter advertising and influencer marketing is the fact that influencers are more often than not paid for some reason, either with cash or free products. Put simply influencer marketing has the power to market anything if used wisely. Other forms of marketing have limitations but with enough product or money you can use influencer marketing to drive your product or brand to your intended audience.

What is Product Placement

Product Placement Advertising AgencyProduct Placement seems like some thing that should be self explanatory but there is a bit more to it than you would think. It can be as simple as placing a product on a billboard ad or those sometime settle sometimes not settle appearances in movies and television shows.

The really interesting aspect of it is how the context in which it is shown has a big impact in how the product is perceived and the success of this type of marketing. For some brands there is no limit to where they can place their products, a beverage company that sells cola can place a bottle of their cola in many different situations and the message that cola is a beverage that you can and should want to enjoy in almost any situation is easily conveyed and accepted. For a majority of brands you cant really do this. Take for example a automotive tire brand, you would definitely expect it to advertise its tires only when in reference to automobiles. If you took the cola brand and took the tire brand and placed both their products in the same situation, you might understand better. Say you place a cola in the hand of someone skydiving and they take a sip you might get the impression that the cola tastes so good you would even want to drink it while skydiving. Now, say you where to place a car tire in the hands of a person skydiving you might not understand what that is happening or the point that someone is trying to get across(maybe that tires can really soften your landing?).

The point is that product placement can be a really important form of marketing to utilize and understand. Although most companies do not know how to use it very well. In the end most of their efforts end up looking like this clip from Wayne’s World.