Marketing Intro: What is SEO?

 What is SEO

what-is-seoSEO simply means optimizing your web site in a way that can make it possible for a search engine’s spiders to be in a position to successfully crawl and index your site.

Ideally to obtain additional traffic you want your site to rank in the best spots capable on the search engine rankings. Stats Relating to many internet marketing network reports suggest; 33% of people on the net only go through the first SERP result. Theoretically this implies if your site isn’t that first search result, you’ll just include two/thirds of the potential clicks when compared to first result. This small depth can severely affect the amount of visitors to your internet site and subsequently affect your business’s income.

SEO certainly is a guessing game.  The exact algorithms utilized by google, bing, or other se’s are corporate secrets, yet there are many established best practices and components you can incorporate to create your web site score higher on the SERP and improve the amount of traffic to your site.

4 Elements That Factor into Your Site’s SEO


Researching the keywords a person uses to find your web site is one of the most effective actions you can take to improve your SEO Ranking. For an online site to rank on top of the SERP the website must speak the same language as its possible guest and frequent users. A sensible way to research keywords is using computer software such as for example SemRush and create a set of keywords that’s relevant to your market. The following is recommended:

Consider if the keywords are highly relevant to your website’s content material? Will searchers get what they want on your site if they search using these keywords?

After you have developed a robust set of keywords include them in various areas of your site such as for example your URL, headers, titles, hyperlink text, page articles, etc. Keyword Tip : if you are using a keyword to numerous times there exists a risk se’s will flag your webpage as spam.

The main element to successful SEO is obtaining an ideal keyword balance ( No easy process).

Content and Blogging

Most SEO experts concur that content is king. A website with good descriptive well located keywords but with badly written content most likely will NOT score well. Think about content as the core of your site. Without a solid core, meaning superb content material who would want to go through the hassle of going to your page?

As internet search engine algorithms become more complex, content material starts to play a far more essential role with regards to page and SEO rankings. What constitutes top-quality content can relatively be subjective, yet search engines are searching for proper spelling, correct grammar, relevant video, tutorials, accurate image labels and outbound links to other high authority and trust-worthy websites.

Having a weblog and updating it is a terrific way to increase SEO rankings regularly and consistently. Blogs help businesses gratify both their customers by giving relevant information and se’s by creating even more back links from other known websites and high quality sites.  This article can even be shared on internet sites increasing total traffic to your internet site.

SEO Consultants advise there clientele to get started on blogging Because all blog content you write becomes another page on your site, and every single new page is another chance to gain rankings  for a particular search your ideal customer maybe searching right now.


Backlinks or incoming links to your website are believed to be the foundational blocks of SEO. Backlinks are links to your content from somewhere else on the web. The amount of backlinks is a solid indicator of your sties quality and how well known your site is. Search engines rank according to how relevant or related the backlinks to your webpage are. They also take into account the quality of the website from which the link came from. For this reason it is a good idea to avoid trying to get an unknown site to link to your site.

Search Engines decide how good the quality of the content is on the site which link to yours. When links to your internet site come from sites that contain content related to your website, these links are believed to be more highly relevant to your site. The additional relevancy between the links adds an extra amount of quality to the link and your site.

So simply the best way to get the best backlinks is to create amazing content that is helpful to people which ultimately will get people linking to your site.


Many people might not take a domain name into consideration when thinking about seo, but It Matters! The goal is to try and find a name that can accurately describe the content or what the site is suppose to be all about. This might lead some people to believe that a longer name gives chance for a more descriptive name that will lead to better rankings, this is not true. The shorter the name while being able to convey what the website is about is most appealing to people as well as search engines.

Clean descriptive URLs are easier to say and easier to read. As search engines can only read the faster you give them what they want the faster they can decide if your site is relevant to certain search terms. Likewise it is easier for people to talk about your site if it is easier to remember the name and pronounce it easily.

SEO is an Ongoing Game With No Limit

SEO is one of the best investments you can make in your business and/or website. Many people think seo is like most other aspects of a business where you just “set it and forget it”. Although that will definitely help you rank if done right, other websites are actively doing seo which means soon they will outrank your site.

Ranking consistently on top of search engine results pages requires for business owners and website admins to stay ahead of the latest seo trends and change their seo strategies once in a while.

The first of a series of  articles on the basics of marketing.

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